Nice New York hotel room for under $200
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Coming to New York for a week's holiday. I'd like to find a nice, interesting hotel in a convienient location for touristy things, preferably with free in-room wifi, for about $200 per night (for a double room). Any tips?

I thought this had been asked before, but I searched and searched and couldn't find it. Apologies if I'm repeating things.
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Two previous threads.

I know there were more but I couldn't find them either.

As always, I recommend
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Try the Super 8 in Times Square- it's *not* like the Super 8 you might find next to a strip mall. It's hard to get a better location for under $200. Book as soon as you can tho . . .
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You risk your life staying at the rat trap that is Super 8.
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I've stayed at the Chelsea Lodge and the Carlton Arms, two hotels with a ton of personality. They are both cheap--probably cheaper than you're looking for--very convenient, and awesome. Don't know about wifi. Of the two, the Lodge is the cleanest, the Arms the funkiest.
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I rented a decent-sized room at the Ameritania, right around the corner from the Ed Sullivan theater, for about $165 last year, with only a few days' notice -- it was clean and Euro-ish, although the room I looked at before getting my real room was a bit smaller than mine. (See if you can get a suite.) It's fairly close to the reopened MoMA and the folk-art museum, as well as lots of subways.
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Park South or Gershwin.
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Second the recommendation for the Super 8. I've stayed there many times. (albeit when it was the Quality Hotel & Suites. It just became a Super 8 a couple years back) It is in an excellent location, just around the corner from Rockefeller Center, and walking distance to Times Square and other touristy things. The rooms are kind of small but decent, no shared bath, there's a deli next door, what more do you need? : )
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My parents stayed at the Super 8 over Christmas, and it was fine. It wasn't the newest hotel in the world, the elevator was slow, rooms were smallish, and the free Wi-Fi service was spotty, but it was inexpensive, NYC hotel rooms are always tiny, and had a decent continental breakfast. Plus, the rooms were quiet (for NYC hotel rooms) and clean. Convenient location, too.

The Super 8 is part of the Apple Core chain of five NYC hotels -- they also have a La Quinta in an interesting Korean neighborhood, a Red Roof Inn, and others.

Also, as I posted previously, I'd recommend looking at Priceline. You can get some surprising discounts that way.
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I second
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You can get the Hudson for around $200.

And not one dingy floral print in sight.

DreamNY is around the same price, and it's brand new.
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