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I'm looking for experiences and/or information about working for either Sapeint and/or, compensation, workload, the usual.
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My employer engaged Sapient a couple of years ago for a project. They were smart folks, great to work with, and seriously overcommitted. If that project was a reflection of the typical Sapient engagement, you're looking at 10+ hour days and 6+ day weeks.
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I got ya covered on the Sapient bit. My wife works there (DC office). In staffing, no less, so she could probably answer any questions you would have about workload, expectations, etc. Email is in my profile.
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information: it's spelled "Sapient"
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Tech or Creative? Email is in my profile too.
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Response by poster: Danke schoen, scarabic - but it's merely a typo.
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I never worked for Sapient, but am considering going after a job there. They are known to deliver top-drawer quality. As a brand name on your resume, they would be pretty good.
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I was a General Manager for a Sapient office. Email in my profile if you haven't received enough answers from these other folks.
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