T-shirt with shelf bra?
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Where can I find a short sleeve or long sleeve cotton shirt with a built-in shelf bra?

There are many tanks and camisoles available with a shelf bra, but I am looking for a shirt with sleeves. I am looking for something that I can wear lounging around the house for those times when I want to be comfortable, but not let it all hang out, so to speak. I am not really interested in exercise-type shirts that contain a really supportive built-in bra. I would prefer something looser, and ideally made of a light cotton. I take ladies size large, and I am in Canada. Does such a shirt exist?
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Just do a search for Bra Top on Victoria's Secret and limit it to clothing (to cut out the swimsuit tops) and you'll find quite a few that meet your guidelines.
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2nding Victoria's Secret. They always have a pretty wide selection of tops with no visible means of support, and bra-top dresses, too. (Which always struck me as odd since I think of them first and foremost as a lingerie company, and there they are, cutting out the need for more lingerie.)

They ship pretty quickly to Japan, I imagine you'd receive your items even faster, there.
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