Help me plan a fun solo Thanksgiving
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Kinda excited at the prospect of my first Thanksgiving alone. Where can a twentysomething girl go, or do, for Thanksgiving - both day and night? I'm in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area. Previous similar question, and I've taken all answers to heart. But mine has a twist: I can't stay in.

Staying in is not an option, I have to get out of the house. My live-in landlords are having their family Thanksgiving. Yes, I am invited, but I have no wish to participate. This is because of their current family feud, which will doubtlessly implode over Thanksgiving dinner. I do not wish to be there for the carnage and awkwardness. I don't even want to stay in my room while they bash it out over the dinner table.

So I would like to experience a lovely solo Thanksgiving. What can I do? Surely there must be something. So far, my morning options consist of either exploring the Santa Anita Canyon, or the hiking trails around Pasadena's Rose Bowl or Eaton Canyon. Any other options? Nightlife? Bars?
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Are you looking more for something you can do out by yourself, or something you can do out with a bunch of people you haven't met yet?
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Both sound great.
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Well, there's this:

LA’s Longest Running Single Day Vegan Tradition
[The 4th Thursday of November Since 1941]
at Rancho Park in West LA
- from the 405, take Pico Boulevard east to Motor Avenue
- go south on Motor to then make a right into the very first entrance
- drive all the way back and park
- walk to the picnic tables across the grass, (not right next to the parking area)
- bring a vegan dish to share, with a notecard labeling the ingredients, and also with the serving utensil it needs
- also bring your own washable, reusable, plate, cup, utensils, napkin, etc.
- bring musical instruments if you might like to play
- bring frisbees, balls, and other park play items
- you may bring well behaved dogs on leashes
- it is a grand event, and it would be great to see you there
- no need to RSVP in advance
- just show up
- no charge
- totally free
- 11am is when we ask people to work towards gathering
- we start with an opening circle at noon
- then we eat
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During the day, Descanso Gardens will be open, and it looks like the Arboretum will be as well (the Huntington is closed.)

I wish I could help you with the nightlife, but I'm working early on Friday. :)
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Spend part of the day at the beach, even if it's just a short stroll on the sand. One of my favorite solo Christmases was spent in Santa Monica when it was 80 degrees out.

If anything, do it for all of us ex-Angelenos that are living hundreds of miles from the ocean and are facing the prospect of snow on Thanksgiving.
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