Help me find this t-shirt!
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[LongShotFilter] Help me find this t-shirt!

My husband had a Seattle t-shirt when he was younger that said, "Queen of the Faeries" with a picture of a fairy riding a dragonfly. (Pictured here.) It vanished around the time he & his high school girlfriend broke up, but he still talks about how much he liked that shirt & I'd like to replace it if possible. I've been looking all over for it, but my Google-fu is failing & I'm beginning to think it can't be done.

Wrinkle: we live in the Midwest & he's never been to Seattle, so he has no idea where the shirt came from. It was a Value Village/Goodwill find.
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Try having a look around here. That faerie stuff is totally Bergsma's style, and she lives in northern Washington state.
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I don't know how long ago high school was for you, but you might try contacting the 'Fairy Congress,' which is a seattle-area organization that has run an event for the last 10 years that has similar t-shirts, or a vendor that sells something similar.

I don't know anything about them other than that -- I've used venues for events that they also use.
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I would hire a talented graphic designer/illustrator and ask him/her to draw something similar. It's not that complicated and I don't think it has to be completely similar. And then, just print this design on a T-shirt (
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