Help finding a Reggae song
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ReggaeFilter: Help finding a Reggae song. [MI]

About a week before the presidential election I heard a reggae song – the line I remember is “Mr. Bush your weapons of mass destruction are a lie. . .” Or something to that effect. I have tried googling “reggae” and “wmd [spelled out]” but have been unable to locate it. It is not the song by Xzibit. Anyone know the song or have suggestions on how I could find it?
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Is is a dancehall, dub, or ragga-style composition?
posted by Smart Dalek at 4:07 PM on January 11, 2005

ditto what dalek said- does it kind of sound like rap with a dancehall beat, or is it a really rasta-sounding guy crooning the lines out?
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rxrfrx - ahhh, I would go with the rasta-sounding guy - It sounded like he was telling a story set to the same tune played over and over w/only slight variation. As he sang the words did not always rhyme, but there was definitely rhythm to the song. I just tried to listen to some samples of the different types of reggae as listed by Smart Dalek - no luck so far.

The beat of the song was faster than, say, "No Woman No Cry" (face flushing as I compare the song to the only bit of reggae I am familiar with).
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Is it possible you're thinking of "Mass Destriction" by Faithless?

Not really reggae but the singer has an accent.

Here are the lyrics

There's nothing about Bush in the official lyrics, but I think there is an extended mix or something that I also may have heard on a radio station.

You can listen to a sample on Amazon. Let us know if that's it.
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Chaz - thank you for the links - it is not the Faithless song - now I have a reference point - the musical style was not like "mass destruction" - it was faster than "No Woman No Cry" but not as fast as "mass destruction" and did not sound like techno/dance (?) music. The singer does not sound like Faithless, he sounds like a rasta-sounding guy.
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It's not reggae but there's The Perceptionist's (Mr. Lif and Akrobatic) "Memorial Day:"

Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
We been lookin' for months and we ain't found nothin'
Please Mr. President, tell us something
We knew from the beginning that your ass was bluffing!
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No, that is not it either. Good song, though!
posted by mlis at 8:43 PM on January 11, 2005

Try looking at the band Spearhead with Michael Franti maybe? I don't remember those specific lyrics but it sounds like something he would say....
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You may have luck posting this question on Jamaican/reggae boards:
  • The Star Newspaper message boards. Scroll down and you'll see a reggae/dancehall forum. The Star is just fun reading anyway.
  • YouthLink Jamaica music boards.
  • Reggae Links where you will find dozens of reggae-related sites.
Good luck.
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Juicylicious - thank you for message board links - I am going to pursue that.

Thank you to everyone who posted - I will enjoy listening to Spearhead and The Perceptionists.

I am going to update this post when I get the answer in case anyone else is interested.
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Could it possibly be Steel Pulse? They have a song on their new album about Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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No, not Steel Pulse. Thank you for the link I am going to listen to them, too!
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