“Happening” all inclusive resort for friend vacation in South Cancun or Mayan Riviera – Your experiences
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Hello. I’d like the ask the Ask MetaFilter audience for help in finding a fun, all inclusive resort for a friend vacation, ideally from your personal experiences. Sure, maybe I could read the some (possibly suspect) posts on various travel websites, but I would prefer the high quality responses for which Ask MetaFilter is known.

Here are the specifics. Four of us are looking to take a friend vacation in February, 2010. Our main requirements are (1)warm, (2)all inclusive, and (3)”fun” atmosphere. From the research that I have performed, with our budget ($1500 per person, including the flight), it seems we might be limited to Mexico. So I have been focusing my research on South Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. We are young minded earlier thirty year olds (meaning none of us are married, or have kids, and we still like to drink many adult beverages on occasion, and let tomfoolery ensue). A resort with a higher than average amount of bars and nightclubs would be ideal, as would the resort being adults only. We don’t care to leave the resort, therefore shopping or clubs outside the resort are not needed as part of the equation, and being away from the main part of Cancun (the short, horizontal side of the 7 shape of the island) would probably be good. I had a session with a AAA travel agent this past weekend, and was given a resort catalog. A couple sentences in a book really can’t provide a full picture or help me determine if it suits our mindset. That is why I’m asking here for personal experiences. Thanks in advance.
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Best vacation of my life: The girlfriend and I went to Riviera Maya to Secrets Capri. Booked it through Apple Vacations. Paid $999 per person for 4 nights, included flight. We only left the resort once. Will definitely do it again.
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Seconding Secrets Capri, especially if you are two, um, close couples.
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