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SonicareFilter: Can I charge an Essence model brush with an Elite model charger?

I have a Sonicare Elite that I have used for many years. I wanted an additional brush handle for my wife to used, so I headed on over to Ebay. I saw an Essence model brush handle being sold cheap without a charger. Since the Essence and Elite models use the same head, I figured they could use the same charger. I bought it, but it hasn't arrived yet.

After a bit of investigating, it seems that the bottom of the Essence handle is shaped a bit differently than the bottom of the Elite handle. Now I'm doubting that the Essence will fit into the Elite will be like fitting square peg into a round hole. But would it work if I trimmed some of the plastic off the Elite charger so the Essence handle could fit onto it? Both these models seem to charge by the same mechanism. The bottom of the brush sits on the charger, and it charges with a magnet (or something). There's no plug, just surface contact.
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I've charged the round toothbrush with the square charger no problem.
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The Advance, Elite and Essence models have a compact charger base with a place to wrap the cord. Although these bases look similar, they are not compatible with each other.

So you're right in assuming they don't fit together. If you make them fit, will they charge? I can't find any information on the output of the charger, but I couldn't imagine there being any serious problems.

Alternatively, you could buy a cheap essence charger from Amazon.
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I'm pretty sure this will work if you make it fit. I have an Elite and I bring it with me when I travel, and have charged it on others' bases. It always works. But I've generally found them all to be the same size or bigger than the Elite, so trimming the plastic might indeed be necessary.
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