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Around 1997 there was a website a guy made that detailed all of Led Zeppelin's recording sessions down to the most minute detail. Even pointing out that you could hear John Bonham's bass drum pedal squeaking throughout most of Physical Grafitti (like in the song Houses of the Holy)...or the sounds of tapes/edits being dubbed together, or other studio anomalies. Anyway, I can't find the site any longer and this kind of crap fascinates me. Does anybody know of other sites like this that anaylise the recordings of well known recordings??
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Very similar idea, dealing with The Beatles:

What Goes On - The Beatles Anomalies Page

Great site.
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searching google for "physical graffiti" squeak bass drum pedal finds this. is this what you're looking for punkfloyd?

wow this is thorough. more here . there goes my afternoon....
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The Miles Ahead Charlie Parker database has a complete listing of every session (formal and informal) and every concert Parker played in his brief but amazing life. It includes songs, song lengths, record ID's for particular session songs that were published, and best of all, it's all searchable. You can search by Tune, Original Composer, Musician he played with, venue, city, country, media and group, and you can select multiple variables.

So, if you wanted to know all the sessions Parker ever played with J.J. Johnson, or what other musicians Parker played "A Night in Tunisia" at the Hi-De-Ho Club (for example), it's easy-peasy.
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Response by poster: Thanks slhack3r!!!
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I like the What Goes On Beatles site....thanks ludwig_van
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Wow, back when I was 16 and into Led Zeppelin, I argued with so many people that a phone was ringing in "The Ocean" and no one ever believed me. Where were you when I needed you, fanatical Led Zeppelin guy?
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Sound on Sound magazine (UK publication) has an article each month on the recording of a classic track. You need an eSubscription to read anything on their site less than a year old (but they've been running the series for a while now, so there are some from Dec 2003 back to look through) or pick up back issues of the magazine?
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