How, if at all, is sex different after a vasectomy?
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How, if at all, is sex different after a vasectomy? NSFW details inside.

Looking for first-hand experiences about what sex is like after a vasectomy. Does it feel substantially different in any way? Erections harder to get/maintain? What about ejaculation - that still happens, right? More, less, the same?
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If you somehow unknowingly had a vasectomy, you would never know the difference. Sex is exactly the same except even better. Each of you will be able to enjoy it more because the worry of unwanted pregnancy is completely gone, unlike other forms of birth control which sometimes fail. Getting a vasectomy was the second smartest thing I ever did.
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No worries, anon. It is just the same. No differences in your erection, how much desire you feel, same quantity of ejaculate. The only difference I've experienced is a more clear ejaculate.

Hope that is not too much info, hahaha.
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First-hand experience with a vasectomy. I had one almost 12 years ago, and have never noticed any difference in my sex life in any way - after the recovery period, that is (about 3 weeks for me). I have not experienced any difference in my sex drive, in my erections, or in my ejaculations.

Remember, a vasectomy means that you will no longer have sperm in your semen. As it was explained to me by the doctor, the sperm is less than 1% of the content of your semen. So your ejaculations will still be 99% of the volume they were pre-vasectomy.

Feel free to Me-Mail me if you have any other questions.
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No difference whatsoever, physically.
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No difference here, except the peace of mind knowing that you're not going to get anyone pregnant! :)
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Speaking from the female perspective, no difference here except that my sex drive went up after getting off birth control hormones. I am also very thankful to Mr. Arkham for doing this. Ahem.
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From a physical aspect sex is exactly the same. From a psychological aspect I've found the sex to be much better. If you're with a monogamous partner and not worried about STD prevention the added spontaneity is fantastic. Especially for folks whose partners can't or won't take hormonal based birth control and if you use condoms/foam as primary BC method. Nothing like just continuing with the natural progression of intimacy without a break in the action.
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The only differences with sex is that sex is just sex, rather than sex with the worries about birth control. I.E. it can always be spontaneous, you don't need to carry condoms (assuming monogomy with a safe partner), and you don't need to care about times of the month.

Some simple googling will tell you that you still ejaculate and getting an errection is the same. It's a vasectomy, not castration. Seriously, check out google first.
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side note: around 1 in 2000 vasectomies fail; i.e. the tubes reconnect, or aren't property disconnected. It's rare, but it happens. Also, there's a chance of pregnancy in the first month or so after the procedure.
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according to my guy: nothing different physically. He swears he can feel the two cut ends down there, though, when he's feeling himself up. Mostly he says he still feels very aware of his testicles - since he had a little more post-procedure pain and soreness than might be normal. I would say that having sex the day after the procedure was a bad idea, so, if you're getting a V, give yourself some time.

Not worrying about pregnancy? Priceless. There's definitely an intense psychological component to this - I (female) have had two accidental pregnancies (one ectopic) even with birth control involved, and frankly, it has given me some major anxiety around sex that I'm still working on. The guys I've been with who'd had vasectomies probably ranked highest on best sex -- probably because I wasn't so damn anxious.
(also they were great guys).
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Another vote for no change, according to my partner. And yes, the psychological benefit of taking charge of pregnancy prevention. He had to go back twice for testing to confirm all was well (no sperm in the semen). I'm delighted to be off of hormonal birth control.

Before the procedure, make sure you've got some frozen peas and frozen corn niblets. They're handy for the first delicate day or two.
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No differnece that I can tell. Less chance of getting pregnant apparently.
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No difference at all, except that making prospective sex partners safer from pregnancy resulted in more sexual opportunity.
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