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How would I filter out a single user's images from a Flickr pool's feed?

There's a Flickr pool for my community, and it's great. But there's a particular contributor who dominates the pool with self-portraits. I'd like to filter this person out of the RSS feed if possible.

I'm not a member of the pool, nor would I suggest this contributor be removed from the pool. I just don't want to see this user's work in my feed reader every day.

I'm subscribing to the feed via Google Reader if that makes any difference.
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You can do this using Yahoo Pipes

Simply provide the source feed, add a Filter operator that blocks on = {noisy user} and pass the result to the pipe output
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seconding yahoo pipes, which is fun, simple, and sorely underused. i don't know what the flickr rss feeds look like but it should be fairly self-evident. pipes will provide you with a new rss feed to subscribe with.
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Also, Feedrinse, which may be even simpler than Yahoo pipes.
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Thirding yahoo pipes. That service is awesome.
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Awesome, thanks! It took a less than a minute to do exactly what I wanted with Feedrinse. And Pipes looks incredibly powerful. I'm going to use it on a more complex filter.
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