Quinoa help me out with this dish?
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Quinoa salad at Mitsitam Cafe in DC--where can I find the recipe?

I was in DC last week and hit up the Mitsitam Cafe for a glorious lunch. I had the quinoa salad and fell in love. I am not sure if it changes, but the version I had was fruity and vinegary and had blue sweet potatoes in it (I am pretty sure). I asked about recipes, and I was referred to a book, but I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of if the quinoa salads change... and if anyone knows this recipe (or if it is in this book). I have found the wild rice with watercress recipe online (wee!), but the quinoa eludes me.
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Sorry, it was unclear, did you actually ask the restaurant for the recipe? If they referred you to the book that didn't have the recipe you wanted, how about a followup with the restaurant? Or try requesting it from Gourmet Magazine/Epicurious website.
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