Will any British Columbia vineyards ship ice wine to California?
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Will any British Columbia vineyards ship ice wine to California? A former supervisor, who lives in California, got me a job interview in Vancouver that went really well. I'd like to express my appreciation with something suitably Canadian.

canadianwineshop.com seems happy to ship from Ontario vineyards, which is close, but I thought I'd see if y'all could get me any closer! I appreciate that alcohol shipments seem to fall into an insane regulatory environment, though. Thanks!
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Addendum: I live in Boston and I'm home now, though if being physically present in BC opens other options, I'd still like to hear about them!
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Quail's Gate is a great Okanagan Valley vineyard. Here's their order form - they have an ice wine listed, as well as other varieties.

Mission Hill has one too - though their ice wine is listed at almost $80.

Here's a list of ice wine producers in BC.

Ice wine is a bit of a unique thing though. If you know he likes wine, a bottle of regional red or white might be more appropriate.
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Looks like wines.com can make it happen for you. No experience with them, just ninja GIS skills. :P
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I would recommend against trying to ship wine from BC to the US, even if you can find a winery that will do it (Quail's Gate and Mission Hill, linked above, won't and I'd be surprised if others did). You don't want to open the customs can of worms and you particularly don't want to subject the recipient to any potential customs hassles.

Here is a (very small) bottle of BC icewine that ships from California. I'm sure you could find more by searching. Unfortunately, the icewines listed on wines.com are from Ontario, not BC.
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Here's a larger bottle of the Mission Hill ice wine - also ships from the US.

Other things:
- something from the Olympics?
- Roots stuff
- nice food/fruit gift basket etc.
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You would be better to ask the wineries if they have any US distributors, then ship from there. As I recall, it's illegal to ship alcohol over the border without going through hoops.
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What do you have against CC, the thank-you gift of champions?
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