Where can we get an advanced London Eye(s) Test?
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Advice on where to go in London for more advanced eye problems?

My wife is having problems with her eyes, black spots and a cloud on one eye. We want to get her eyes tested further....

She is an EU citizen with an EU health insurance card. We live in the Camden area, does anyone know of a suitable place in London where she could go and around how much it may cost?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Moorefields Eye Hospital would be the primary eye care facility in the UK. You would normally get a referral from your GP, but they do have an A&E department. Be prepared for a very long wait as they have a stringent triage system.
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Seconding Moorfields Eye Hospital. I don't know about pricing in your wife's case, but my father had surgery there about a year ago and the standard of care was excellent (and his operation took place without a hitch).
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An eye test at any high street opticians should get you seen pretty much on the spot, and should flag up anything immediately serious; they're generally about £25. Otherwise you'll want to get a referral to an eye specialist through your GP.
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Really, Moorfields is the place to go. If this is not an emergency, get a referral via a GP.
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