Firefox 3.5.5 + VLC 1.0.3 + Embedded .MOV + Windows 7= $#@%!!!
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Firefox 3.5.5 + VLC 1.0.3 + Embedded .MOV + Windows 7= $#@%!!!

A synopsis:

i) I get a new laptop which runs Windows 7. Yay!

ii) I install VLC on it - ideally, it will be my primary media player. I do not install the Mozilla plug-in.

iii) I install FF.

iv) I bookmark several .ASX files in Firefox. When I click a bookmark, FF's Download options box appears, asking if I want to save the .asx file, or open it. I opt to open it, using VLC, and it works exactly the way I want it to. Yay!

v) I mosey over to Apple Trailers, and am chagrined but unsurprised to find 'Please install QuickTime' messages, rather than embedded .mov files. When I try bookmarking and clicking the .MOV file (The same strategy as the .MOV files), Firefox automatically opens a new tab which is all black save for white text which reads 'Waiting for video', not even giving me the option to save the file or open it with the application of my choice.

vi) After some research, I realize that I declined VLC's Mozilla plug-in. So, I uninstall and reinstall VLC, including the plug-in this time.

vii) The QuickTime/MOV problem persists, and now clicking my bookmarked .ASX files automatically opens a black background 'Waiting for video' tab as well. Fiddling with file type/default application settings in both Win7 and FF has not changed anything

Ultimately, I want to be able to listen to streaming audio on VLC using the Firefox bookmark method I originally had, while being able to watch embedded QuickTime videos in my browser without having to install any other media players (WinAmp, MPC, and especially not QuickTime or iTunes). Can I achieve my dream?

I realize the Windows 7 angle is probably irrelevant (I had similar issues on my WinXP-running PC, but had a buttload of largely redundant media players that allowed me to get around the issue), but better to err on the side of thoroughness. Apologies for any lack of clarity.
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Firefox -> Preferences -> Applications

(At least, that's where it is under FF 3.5.5 on OS X; YMMV on in other versions & OSs.)
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Are you using the x64 version of W7?
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VLC sometimes downloads the whole thing before starting playback. It's really not a very good browser plugin, as it also tends to crash my Firefox. As cumbersome as the QuickTime standalone program is, it's a non-entirely-horrible plugin, which is more than I can say for anything else I've tried.
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I meant to say "...before starting playback, and up until then just displays the black screen with "Waiting for video" or "[no video]" or something similar"
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I don't rightly know what version it is, Inspector.Gadget - however, this was a problem I also experienced with XP, so I don't think it's a problem exclusive to any particular version of Win7.

After effing around with the Media Player Connectivity extension, and swearing and smoking, and swearing some more, I finally just reverted my FF and VLC settings to how they were circa part iv of the synopsis; most of the embedded/inline video I encounter these days is flash anyhow, so I guess I'll just see how long I can go without needed to install QT.
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QTLite works well with Firefox.
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