help me slay my allergies!
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Where in Manhattan can I find nasalcrom and ketotifen eye drops? Do they sell them at Duane Reade?

Bad allergies + Mom's dog + Thanksgiving = misery. My friend (who is an allergist) recommended that I take the above two things with Zyrtec to relieve the itchy eyes/running nose, etc.

So, has anyone seen these anywhere in a drug store in Manhattan? Duane Reade? Rite Aid? Walgreens?
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Best answer: If you can't find them in the big drug stores, try an independent pharmacy, such as Pasteur or Irmat, both in the Murray Hill area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I will try those stores if the chains don't pan out.
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It's been my experience of the chain drug stores that you can never get anyone on the phone who knows what's in stock, unless you're asking about the latest CoverGirl promotion. A single outlet pharmacy is more likely to know its inventory.
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My ENT prescribed nasalcrom to me in the mid eighties; it looks like it is still only available by prescription.
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