IKEA, O why did you discontinue the RIAN?
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Suggestions for small side tables like the Ikea RIAN?

I really regret not buying two or four of those cheap but sturdy "overhanging" IKEA RIAN side tables/TV trays when I had the chance, and IKEA now no longer carries them. They were under $20, that I remember. IKEA does carry the ANES nightstand ($50) which would also work for my purposes, but I'd rather stay closer to the $20 price point.

Pics found on Google Images

Does anyone have suggestions for cheap but sturdy (can easily hold a 5-lb laptop, for example, without warping) little side tables that can slide under and over your furniture for more usability? The RIAN had an interesting design with its three metal legs supporting the top.

I'm not interested in the "Table Mate" in particular because it doesn't have that many good reviews for overall sturdiness.
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This isn't quite an answer, but with enough patience and a craigslist RSS feed, you will undoubtedly find what you seem to really be looking for, which is a Rian table, rather than an alternative.
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I picked up a few of these from Walgreens a while back. I've used them for everything: laptop, side-table, tv-tray, humdifiers in the winter, and currently holding overflow items from my desk. This Walgreens.com search for "table"shows a couple of them. In my two local stores they're on end-caps near the pharmacy.
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I use the Dave for exactly the purpose of holding my (on the heavy side) laptop. The legs slide under the couch, and it's always been pretty sturdy for me.
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