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How can I save the shreds in my shredded jeans?

I recently bought a pair of jeans with some shredded patches. Every time I wash them, some of the threads snap. I don't want the shreds to turn into holes so what can I do to stop/minimize the thread snapping when I wash them? Would dry cleaning make a difference?
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Washing them as little as possible would be a good start, and hang to dry when you do wash. You could also handwash them with some Woolite.

Eventually, the shreds will turn into holes, though, especially at the knees.
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And thus the reason why I hate buying pre-stressed clothing. Shreds turning to holes is the quickest part of the "jean deterioration life cycle."

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do except hand wash them in the sink with some Woolite like 6550 suggests. Although I had a sales girl at a designer jean store tell me she never washes hers and just sprays them with Febreeze (gross).

If you're worried about having bare holes, consider finding a good patch to put in their place. If you find the right piece of fabric it can actually look really good.
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When you do wash them in a machine, I think it can be gentler on the clothes to wash them without cramming too much stuff in the load with them, and use a short/gentle cycle. I've also heard that front-loading washers are gentler on clothes.
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Maybe dab with a bit of fray-check every now and then?
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1. Purchase these patches: Singer Iron On Denim Patches

2. Turn jeans inside out.

3. Cut patches to match size of shreds and iron them on the inside.

4. Turn jeans right-side out.

5. Enjoy.
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I think you're probably over washing them. A recently bought pair of jeans should have been washed once or never.
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