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MuffinFilter: Looking for a book details muffin recipes which range from run of the mill (but delicious) plain muffins thorough to healthy, alternative muffin recipes using non-wheat flours (spelt etc).

The book will be given as a Christmas present, so bonus points for experience with the recipes in the book...
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Muffins: Sixty Sweet and Savory Recipes... From Old Favorites to New is the muffin cookbook my mom always used and the muffins were always delicious (the blueberry muffins are my favorite). As far as more non-traditional muffin recipes the book came out in 1985 so it's more into the wheat germ/oat bran, but looking at the index on Amazon it does include two non-wheat recipes: banana and gingerbread.
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For gluten free "The Complete Gluten Free Cookbook has a whole muffin section. I have personally tried three of the muffin mixes (the blueberry flax, chocolate chocolate chip and oatmeal rhubarb) and continue to use and modify them to great success. Only thing is there are a lot of different flours, and each recipe has the optimum mix, but that means you have to stock up on a bunch of different kinds. Not a big deal in the long run.
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