Where would you take a friend out for steak in downtown Portland?
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Where should I take a friend out for steak in Portland? It needs to be in the downtown/Pearl/NW area. I'm looking for someplace not too expensive (under $150 for the two of us), not too stuffy or corporate feeling, and if they have a rib eye, that would be superb! Any recommendations?
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If they are visiting, it's a little cliche I guess, but you really can't beat Portland City Grill. Right downtown, incredible view of the city, great beer/bar, delicious food.
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Detailed recent Portland steakhouse reviews. Scroll down to see the summary and links to the detailed reviews.
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Well, Ringside Steakhouse, on Burnside.
Stuffy or coporate don't spring to mind when I think of it.
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Oh, and they do have a rib eye - here's the steak list.
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the Real Dan has it. Ringside is the best steak house, imo. Ask for a seat by the fireplace.
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Last month I had two excellent dinners at the Southpark Grill on Salmon Street in downtown Portland. Although I chose seafood my dinner companions who had lamb and steak both agreed that their meals were great. The wine list had a lot of high quality choices and there was a full service bar. The Southpark was recommended by staff at the Hilton and was an easy walk of just a few blocks. Yes, they do offer a rib eye.
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Not particularly mainstream but when in Portland, I usually stay at the Governor Hotel and I also almost have a nice rib eye at Jake's Grill, downstairs. Service is good as is the ambiance and the rib eye is good, too. Easily under $150 and closer to $120 or so for two. I highly recommend. Menu [pdf]. Googly map.
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I have been underwhelmed by the steaks at Ringside (west) and Jake's. (They're OK, but certainly not exceptional. Ringside is better.) The Ringside on the east side of town has been better still, but it's a hike. Ruth's Chris is predictable and fairly good, but may exceed your budget. I haven't been to Morton's, but it'd be another place to consider.

(My criteria for "good steak" may be different from yours, though. If I'm going for steak, I want a rare, seared piece of cow on a careful-it's-hot iron platter, with [optionally] a sprig of parsley next to it. I like sauces and unusual ingredients and creative cooking techniques too, but not anywhere near my steak! If you prefer a more intricately-prepared dish, you might consider Wildwood or Veritable Quandry. These often have some sort of steak, but may not have the exact cut you want on the night you visit.)
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"Exceptional" doesn't happen for under $150, in my experience.
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Laurelhurst Market has a pretty excellent ribeye, as well as some other great cuts (they double as a butcher shop by day) -- ran about $40 if I recall correctly. The bar there is also beyond adequate.
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