Tsubo boots
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How durable are Tsubo boots?

I live in Chicago and have to walk to and from public transportation every day. I'd like a well-constructed, plain, casual boot for the winter and I am looking at these Tsubo boots.

How well made are Tsubo boots in general, if not these in particular? Could I get at least one winter out of them? I currently have fake leather black boots that after one year, the sole is separating from the heel, the black on the toe is scuffed off, and they leak, so I'd like to spend more money on a pair that.. won't get that way after a year.
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I don't know about their boots, but I have a pair of Tsubo walking shoes that are both amazingly comfortable and extremely durable.
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I have the mens' low shoe with that same construction. been wearing them through the rainy season with no leaks.

btw, Belmont army surplus just east of the red line belmont stop carries tsubo; I found mine for 40% markdown. second floor there is *lethal* if you're a shoe junkie.
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I wore a pair of Tusbos when I lived in NYC and they survived a good-long-while. They're not indestructible -- I don't know any shoe that will come through a big city salty slushy winter no worse for the wear, but the Tsubos did an admirable job.

I loved those shoes.
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