Best Wireless N router for £50ish that supports DD WRT
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Im looking for recommendations on the best wireless N Router for around £50ish that supports DD WRT (or similar). I have a seperate cable modem so I dont need an all in one solution. I looked through the list of Linksys products buy unfortunately the one I can afford (WRT160N) v3 isnt supported.
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I bought a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 about 2 months ago based on the compatibility list at the dd-wrt website. I don't see N in the specs, but your best bet is to trawl through their matrix and hit newegg or tigerdirect.
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It's worth checking used prices too, since a lot of people dump routers if they move in with another roommate that has one, etc. I installed DD WRT onto a linksys router that it wasn't recommended for, though I can't remember the model name. Worked fine, but it sounds like there's a fair bit of variation between the router models.
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...glancing through the other Buffalo models in their DB, it looks like the WHR-G300N supports N Draft 2.0. According to Google, that puts it in the 47 euro range.

dd wrt wiki entry
more dd-wrt buffalo info

This is the first buffalo product I've bought, and it's been performing great. Flashed immediately, no issues whatsoever. Again, I looked for routers which were supported w/o much in the way of caveats.

You might also look at the tomato firmware, though I've never used it.
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