Does Etsy take orders?
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I have a picture of a quilt that was auctioned off, I'd like to have it made. Is there a way to request an item on Etsy? Click for pic, on Photobucket (I've asked the auctioneers who originally made the quilt, so I can go straight to the source. Haven't gotten an answer yet. My first choice would be to give my money / kudos to the original creator of the quilt.)
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You can request a custom item on etsy in the alchemy section.
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I did exactly that - posted to have a quilt made from a picture - and got about 10 responses, varying in price and quality. Totally doable. Determine ahead of time if you want them to supply all fabric/batting, and work out a reasonable deadline. Otherwise it can go on forever. Good luck!
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Thank you!

Starting to understand why my wife always asks "Did you LOOK for it?" when I tell her we're out of something ...
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I didn't even look at the pic -- bunnies! Cute. There are tons of folks on Etsy who will do a great job. Things to ask:
- what kind of filling (natural or polyesterish)
- hand quilted or machine quilted
- what kind of edging/binding
- do you supply the fabric or do they, and if so, is there a markup for them to source the fabric
- timeline including payment

Personally, unless you've already got tons of fabric that you'd like to use up, I'd suggest placing an alchemy request for the makers to source and supply everything, including fabric and batting. Otherwise, determining the amounts and types of fabric can get overwhelming.
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