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What are these moving lines in my vision?

So, for quite sometime, I've experiencing a problem where I will get these moving lines in my vision. They look like worms, they're black and white and they move around for a few seconds then disappear. They're not floaters, which I also have. They only crop up when I've just exerted myself, or when I stand up. I've tried Googling, but I haven't come up with much. It's been going on for years, and I've never asked a doctor about it, which I probably should. I'm mainly curious, since it hasn't seemed like much of a problem before.
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Maybe they are worms. I'm thinking go to an eye doctor, especially if you already have floaters.
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Do you mean you actually see them squirming, or they remain in the same position and just slide across your field of vision?

Based on the times they occur it sounds like its related to your blood pressure.

Regardless you should go to a doctor, especially if the frequency is increasing. You don't want to take chances with your eyesight.
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I definitely seem them squirming, moving around in my vision.
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I get those as a symptom of orthostatic hypotension after exerting myself or standing up or whatever. Occasionally, my vision will go completely black, but more often, I just get floating, sparkly black lines. It's not a problem with your vision exactly, but with lack of bloodflow/low blood pressure when you stand up.
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Seconding brainmouse. I get the same thing - black, sorta sparkly, worm-like things - if I've been sitting too long and then stand up quickly, or if I've exerted myself too much.

Talk to your doctor, but just know that it's not an uncommon phenomenon.
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These are more starry-like than worms, but maybe an ocular migraine (scroll down for animation)?

They're not particularly accompanied by a headache.
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I get the same thing - they look like tiny organisms do under a microscope (partly translucent). They slide across my vision like floaters do. I believe my eyedoctor said they were just a slightly different kind of floater. I've gotten them since I was a kid.

Go to an eye doctor to be safe.
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They're floaters, just not the pinpoint ones. Check out this brief question on vitreous floaters-- does that sound about right?

All usual statements about floaters apply here. If you've experienced sudden new floaters like this, you may want to ask your eye doctor to give you a quick checkup.
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They sound very like the floaters I get. Nthing getting them checked out.
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Nthing floaters. This is roughly what mine look like.
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