Are helicopter flight simulators easily available in the UK? If so, what are the approximate costs?
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Does anyone know if helicopter flight simulators are easily available in the UK and if so the approximate costs? I could never pass a medical to fly the real thing but would dearly love to try the technique
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You mean like this?

£145 to you, guv.
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Response by poster: Thanks salmacis - looks interesting but it seems that like everything I found, they're located a long way from me (Cambridge). Suspect they think I might break it.
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CG: I can't speak for the UK at all, but you might want to dig in a bit more: in North America, not getting your medical is sufficient to keep you from getting your license/certificate, but it's not enough to stop you from getting dual instruction with a licensed/certified instructor (because the instructor is the pilot in command during dual instruction). You might be able to try the technique in the real thing if the UK regulations are similar. The chief flight instructor or equivalent at a flight school would know for sure.

That said, the majority of helicopter pilots transition from fixed-wing aircraft.
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