Want separate desktop on Virtual Machine
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Question. I upgraded to Parallels 5.0 to run a Windows Virtual machine on my Macbook. The problem is that icons on the Windows desktop show up on the Mac desktop and vice versa. How can I set up Parallels so that both desktops are separate identities that don't impact each other?
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I believe you need to disable 'convergence' mode in Parallels.
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The feature is called "Shared Profile" and you can enable or disable it for any virtual machine. Here is the chapter from the user manual about the feature.
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Problem was resolved. I'm not sure what I did. I do know that the speed of Parrallels is now much faster since I dumped my Boot Camp partition and just went totally virtual. I had to reinstall the software I owned, but it is much more efficient now and they work as two separate machines, though i can transfer between them, with a drag and drop from the Mac through the Windows VM icon and from the Windows side to shared Parallel files.
Thanks everyone for the advice.
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