Please help me repair natural slate tile.
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Please help me repair natural slate tile.

Some white oil-based Killz primer was absorbed by our (NEW) unsealed dark, natural-slate floor during our bathroom remodel. Buffing/sanding/wire-wheeling has not had the desired results since the paint seeped deep in to the porous slate.

My next best idea is to mask it with art-grade oil paints before sealing, unless the Hive can come up with a better solution.

Thoughts? Thanks so much, AskMe!
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art-grade oil paints before sealing

I would avoid that - it takes a long time to cure, like a LONG time, and it's been my experience that oil paint on stone causes oil halo around the paint and unpredictable results.
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I don't know, since it's porous, I'd think you're out of luck. But, some ideas: Paint thinner? Paint stripper? you'd definitely want to try it on a scrap piece first.
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Replace the affected tile(s), and quickly, while you can still get that type of slate tile.
You could still have some from the 10% overage you bought to cover breakage.

Section the affected tiles with a diamond saw to just above the subfloor or backing material.
This will be dusty and dirty, so protect the bathroom, tiles and lungs that are involved.

Carefully chip up the sections, remove the mastic or thinset or whatever it was you bedded
them in, and using the same bedding, install new tiles.

Remember to properly protect all adjacent tiles while you are setting the new tiles, so that
your bedding material does not stick to their faces.
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