Help me find a taxi!
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Lost my camera in a NYC yellow taxi. Paid via Credit Card. No receipt. Can I track down the cab I took?

So, I think I might've left my camera in a cab last weekend. The ride was paid for via credit card, so there must be some record kept somewhere of the transaction. I don't have a receipt from the ride, but I'd love to be able to track down the specific taxi/driver from that night.

How can I go about obtaining that information? Are they even allowed to release it? Does anybody have experience with a situation like this?

Any help is very much appreciated!

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The cab number has shown up on my credit card statements, so pull up an online statement (or call your issuer) and then contact the TLC.

Sadly, I doubt that you're getting your camera back.
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Post a lost ad on craigslist. Someone left their camera in a cab I got in, and I tracked them down that way within 24 hours. Describe where you got out of the cab, what pictures were on it, model # etc. and hope there's a good samaritan!
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It's been a week, unfortunately I don't think tracking down the cab/driver will do much good.


a) The driver did the right thing and turned it in to his company Lost and Found, in which case you can contact them.

b) The driver kept it, in which case he's not going to admit it to you, or another passenger took it, in which case he won't know anything about it.

Seconding the idea of the CL ad.
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I favorited AH, but not because I don't think you'll get your camera back, but because the medallion # does show up on statements.

Here's my experience:

I lost my phone about 5 months ago. I happened to remember the medallion number AND the driver's name, but waited until it showed up on my bank statement to be sure. I can be careless, so I make it point to get this info every time I get into cab.

After I filed the lost report, 311 gave me the number to the two precincts where cabbies are supposed to return lost items. I called day + night for 3 days. No luck.

I got one really good 311 operator who then gave me the number to the owner of the medallion. The owner of the medallion then had to call the cab driver, because it wasn't his shift. They didn't find it.

FWIW, I also posted an ad on CL, which yielded no results.
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Once left a bag in a cab. When I realized it, called the cab company, described the trip (when, from, to), and in 5 minutes knew the cabbie had it, and would pick me up on my return, just ask for X.

Dumb part of the story: I was prepared to tip him generously. The bill came out to, say, $19.01. He smirked at me, and didn't offer the change. Well-done, moron: an ounce of courtesy would have returned $10, instead of $0.99.
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Things just generally don't work out for anonymous parcels and such. The typical reaction is ok, now wtf do I do with this? I avoided that cloying stench of dishonesty by turning in whatever to my garage, you know, umbrellas, kitchen knives, gold chains...

Cell phones and wallets were easy, just dial direct or indirect, no problem. Hi, you/your son left a cellphone/wallet in my cab, no I don't want your money, thanks, just tell me I'm the greatest taxi driver. ever.

The T&LC (at 311) can probably bomb and strafe the whole list based on date and time of the ride. I've never had this kind of fishing expedition reach me, but still. Try.

Once I did an extremely unscientific test; I put a dollar down on the seat to see what would happen. I did this ten times and was out $8. That told me I couldn't afford these idiots and freaks, and you can't either. So shoot me now.
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Police precincts don't actually take the lost items. I chat with cabbies about this a lot because it drives them nuts that there's no good way for them to return lost property.

The best hope is to find and contact the cab company, hope they're helpful, and hope that the cabbie isn't independent. A lot of HONEST independent cabbies end up taking stuff home because there's nothing else to do with it.
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