Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving
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Santa Barbara Thanksgiving Dinner Location

My wife and I are going to be in Santa Barbara, CA for Wednesday and Thursday the 25th and 26th.

We are eating at the Hungry Cat on Wednesday night, but so far cannot find a restaurant that is even open for Thursday. Perhaps it will be a quiet night at the hotel, but if there are any suggestions out there, we would love to hear them.


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Something's Fishy Sushi will be open. We often eat there on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Downside? It is not very good. (And I think that you might be pregnant right now?)

The Chinese place on the Mesa (corner of Cliff and Meigs) was open last year on Thanksgiving. And even though they look boring and Chinese take out-y, they are actually quite good! We'll probably be eating there as well.
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Although Something's Fishy has mediocre-to-bad sushi, their hibachi is fun and actually pretty tasty., which was usually reasonably close to in-date, has a list of restaurants for thanksgiving.

Since we no longer live there, I feel comfortable giving away my best-kept secret, though I suspect others might hate me for this:

Louie's at the Upham Hotel is (or was, at least!) absolutely fantastic and is relatively unknown.
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thanks, lots of choices!

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I would 2nd Louie's, it is delish. I also really enjoy Frog's, Holdren's, & Stella Mares. The view from The Harbor is great but (while good) I've never been overly impressed by the food, I would go Moby Dick's if you want to eat on the wharf. I wouldn't go to Harry's unless you want that smoky bar feeling without the smoke.

I knew growing up in SB would come in handy eventually. Enjoy and know that there is a girl in Austin jealous of where you are eating Thanksgiving dinner.
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