Anyone know any Norwegian restaurants in the Los Angeles - Long Beach - Orange County area?
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It's the holiday season and I'm feeling nostalgic and I'm wondering if there are any Norwegian (not Scandinavian and certainly not Swedish) restaurants in the Los Angeles - Long Beach - Orange County areas? Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask suggest no but I can't believe that's possible. Thanks!
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This suggestion might be so off base that it'll get deleted, but for what it's worth, you might want to consider Solvang, a faux Danish settlement near Santa Barbara.
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Look for delis, rather than full, sitdown restaurants. You'll have to bring it home, but hey -it's food. Also, maybe Daughters of Norway?
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I haven't spent much time in LA, but I am a member of the Half-Norwegian (on the Mother's Side) American Bar Association. Yes, there is such a thing. Anyway, I recalled they held their annual meetings in LA, but according to the website, they've held it at McCormick & Schmick's for the past several years, and I didn't see anything Norwegian on the menu. However, they did mention that the chef there was half-Norwegian (on his mother's side, even!), so maybe you could get in touch with him or with the association itself and inquire?

The local Sons of Norway lodge may also be able to assist.

Everything here's a bit of a Hail Mary, but I bet you'll be able to get a better answer with a bit more digging. Good luck!
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thanks everyone!
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If you haven't asked on the Chowhound board yet, I recommend you do so.
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This Pasadena bakery/deli called Ap-petite is mostly Hungarian, but take a look at their vast open-faced sandwich menu. Photos of everything.
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I know at one time there was a Norwegian bakery down in San Pedro but now the only thing I could locate there was the Norwegian Church at 1035 S. Beacon Street.
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