Where are all the letterform script logos?
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I'm interested in finding examples of (likely extinct) brands and companies that used a letterform script for their logo. I'm positive I've seen many examples of logos that were reminiscent of the classic Coca Cola spencerian script letterform, but now that I'm looking for them I'm finding a whole lotta nothing.
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GE. Ford.
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Thanks, but those are fairly obvious. I'm really interested in finding some sort of resource where I might uncover a trove of examples from small companies that employed the style in it's heyday.
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Did you check these?

And Entenmann's has a letterform logo.
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Pepsi-Cola, Ford, Canon (Kwanon), Jantzen, Johnson&Johnson...
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This page shows old letterform logos for Boeing, Motorola, Canon (sort of), Yamaha, Mazda, and Reuters. And even Apple, kinda.
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Not sure if this will be at all helpful to you, but it's kind of neat in any case.
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No, this is the page (and especially the The Bluemlein Script Collection). But seriously, this company is still around. It's Cott to be good!
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Or you could go to the library and look at the bound issues of old magazines/microfilm of newspapers for local advertisers. An art school library would have old Graphis or Art Director's Club annuals, going back to the '50s or '60s, for larger companies.
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I feel the need to post the old Procter & Gamble logo, which I love. I wish they'd have capitalized on it, instead of capitulating to idiots.
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Boots still has one.
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Holy shit, TWinbrook8, that page is awesome. Now I get what the font nerds are on about.
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