xBox around the world?
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PS3 allows players to play with players from other countries. xBox 360 appears to restrict players in North America to only play with other players from North America. Is there a workaround here?

It's fun to play with players from all around the world, and unfortunately xBox seems to prevent this from happening. Does anyone know any workarounds to this? Thanks so much for any help!
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That's not true at all. I've played against international players in games like Blaz Blue and SF4 many times. It's up to each developer to limit it or not on each game.
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2nding the Xbox's ability to play internationally. I regularly run into people chatting in a foreign language on Live. Could be that they live in NA, but it's happened enough times that I doubt that's the reason. Anything in particular that makes you think different? A specific game?
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No, it's just that the only people who talk in Xbox Live games are 12 year old Americans. Everyone else stays in party chat to avoid them.
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I'm in Europe and I've played with people from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, and I don't even play online that much.

Keep in mind that roughly half of 360 owners are North-American, and I believe games try to choose the best connection when matchmaking, this may explain the bias you're experiencing.
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I have a friend from the UK on my buddylist. Good to have when you play during Non-Prime Time EST hours.
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By "friend", of course I mean "guy on the other side of the world I've never met, and don't know their real name."
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Also, some games (fighting games, in my experience, and 2d shoot-em-ups) tend to have large numbers of foreign players, while others (some FPS games, american sports) tend to be NA-only.
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Ok, so it seems to be a case of it just being North American dominated. Any idea how to find Buddy Lists of players from other countries?

Thanks for the answers!
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Is there any reason in particular you'd want to play with foreigners? I mean, I'll play with friends living overseas, but you'll take a huge lag hit while doing so.
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The languages.
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