monitor-splitting software?
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What's a good monitor-splitting software for finance people who have wide screen monitors?

Ideally to allow a computer to almost appear like two separate computers, for windows XP. From what I read, window's "tile vertically" feature is good enough but just wondering what software is out there which adds value without bugs or headaches.
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i have had good luck with ultramon on xp machines.
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sorry, i misread the question. i thought you were experiencing a problem with xp's native support for multiple monitors.
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Best answer: WinSplit Revolution doesn't work exactly as you described but I like it's functionality, which allows setting hotkeys for specific areas of the screen. It's also free, which is nice.
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Best answer: I use GridMove. It's extremely flexible and comes with a number of templates. It's easy to add new ones as well.
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Aver GridVista worked fine for me - very configurable, windows can be set to snap to grid as desired. Meant for Acer computers but works on any
model if you can find it. I used to have a copy but got rid of the computer it came with, don't think I still have a backup of the utility.
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Response by poster: Snap-to-grid sounds like the feature I'm looking for. Thanks everyone!
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