Help me remember this abstract relaxing computer game please...
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I'm trying to remember the name of a PC game I used to play and my mind is not helping. It was an abstract game (black background simply drawn objects), in each level you floated slowly to the ground, except when you passed through an object, which catapulted you upwards. The goal of each level was to pass through all of the objects. The trick was to relax and use very gentle mouse movements, and the soundtrack changed as you got smoother in your play.

It was an online game too, with a server to get more levels. I last played it a couple of years ago. It was windows, but now I'm on a linux box I'm hoping I can find it again and get it to run. I can picture the game (and all the little objects, like flying darts, squares, platforms) but the name is not forthcoming.
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Brilliant... thanks very much xil, that's exactly it.
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