Where in Los Angeles can I Cut and Drill Metal Plates?
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Recommendations for Los Angeles: machine shop - metal work.

I have a little project that's extremely simple, but I don't have the tools.

I need some flat metal plates - steel or hard aluminum - cut to a specific size. The plates would be pretty thick 0.25", sizes of 4"x36" and 8"x8".

I also need several holes drilled into these plates of specific diameter and exact placement.

But first, I need to acquire the metal sheets and plates so I can have them cut to size and drilled.

Where can I (a)obtain the steel and/or aluminum plates/sheets 0.25" thick approx 8"x8" and 4"x36" and (b)have them cut and drilled in specific ways?

This machine shop - metal work (maybe even a DIY hobby place) can be anywhere in Los Angeles, though West side - Hollywood area is a plus. Hopefully won't cost an arm and a leg. TIA!
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Industrial Metal Supply should be able to sell and cut the metal for you. They are in Burbank. You would have ro ask them about drilling, but they might be able to do that as well.
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Just about any metal fabricator would be able to do the job and supply the metal - one stop shop for what you're looking for. Just googling for "los angeles metal fabrication" brings up a ton of hits in LA, with a couple on the west side. Generally, cutting a piece of metal to size and precise hole diameter/placement won't be a big deal, but your order may be smaller than what some fabricators are used to (although given the current economy...).
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2nd-ing Industrial Metal Supply. They should be able to give you a pretty reasonable rough cut at very little cost, if you need a really nice finished edge or a very precise cut, then I would look elsewhere. They will probably not do the hole for you.

But there is no reason why you cannot do round holes by yourself (assuming they are not gigantic holes). A normal drill bit and a normal drill will go right through Aluminum T6061 (which is what you will probably end up getting).

If you mefi mail me with your intended application, I might be able to provide a little more guidance about how I would do it if I were in your situation. If it is too complex or precise, I can also suggest a handful of ways to proceed, or just do the damn thing myself :)

Good luck!
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NB: If you ever get into thinner, more complex parts with bends, cuts tapped holes, etc. (eg. a custom electronic cabinet) then you need to look for "precision sheet metal fabrication."
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A very worthwhile thing to consider are the online accessible machine shops such as emachineshop and others.
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Thank you everyone for the answers so far, very helpful indeed.

Sadly, the project has suddenly ballooned into something much more complex, and I'll need a lot more from the shop - more complex cuts, welding involved and precision work :(

Still, I'm sure many of the recommendations will apply in this new situation...

Yes, I am aware of the facts of life: it is a natural law equivalent to gravity, that every crafts project continues to expand in complexity.

Anyone have further suggestions, I'm still listening!
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