Getting Steam client to work correctly behind a proxy?
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Getting Steam to work from behind various firewalls and WiFi access points always seems to involve banging heads with network admins (if at all available) about opening various ports.

I figured I could overcome that by "proxifying" Steam - I run an SSH tunnel, start ProxyCap and then setup a rule inside ProxyCap to wrap all Steam requests to the SSH tunnel.

This works fine for things like the "My Games" tab or the "Friends" tab, but the Steam homepage or Community pages don't work. Instead I get the IE "page could not be displayed" error message. I tried to workaround this by setting up a rule in ProxyCap to tunnel "all" requests from "all" programs but that doesn't seem to help.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, I'd appreciate it!
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If IE isn't playing nice with your proxy (which I'm assuming is a SOCKS proxy), try Firefox.
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flabdablet: This is IE embedded into the Steam client, I don't have any control over that. Stock IE/Firefox is already set to go through the SOCKS proxy, but somehow that doesn't seem to help matters in this case.
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FWIW, you can access the Steam Community in your web browser and (as far as I know) do everything you'd normally be able to do from the embedded browser in the Steam client, including purchase games.
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The Lurkers Support Me in Email: That is true - but clicking on links inside the client default launching inside the embedded browser and it's a bit annoying since it doesn't work =(
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Hm, not entirely certain what happened but maybe a Steam client update fixed this - The Steam Store and Community pages now work in "proxified" mode!

FWIW, Here's the Steam client details - Built Nov 24 2009, Steam Package Versions - 55/1045
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