What to do with a nice, fresh stretch of blacktop?
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Our street in Chicago was just repaved, and in honor of The City that Works, we're closing it off on Saturday to throw a block party. We've got 100 feet of beautifully smooth black asphalt with a slight crown and a gradual west to east fall of about 3 feet or so, enough for things to slowly roll with a starter push. We don't have enough time to make soap box racers, but what else could we do with the street before it's ripped to shreds by snowplows?
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Step 1: Gather a few people willing to spend some money
Step 2: Each person purchases their own slip 'n slide
Step 3: Daisy chain said slip 'n slides
Step 4: Fun! plus probably a lot of minor scrapes
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HotWheels race.
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ok... I meant BigWheels race..
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Best answer: Sounds like with a few buckets of sidewalk chalk and some local kids and young-at-heart adults, you could get the 100 Foot Hopscotch and the Foursquare Tournament of Champions going in no time.
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Roller skating and roller blading. Wagon rides for the kids. Candlepin Bowling. idiotarod, tall bike jousting, unicycle jousting, bmx and skateboard trick riding exhibition. There are countless ways to have fun that involve rolling, and are thus often the most fun with a fresh smooth road.
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On the fourth of July, my street hooks up 5-6 hoses to all run a large amount a water down the gutter (now we have a high-tech system for reusing the water, but that's new) and races balsa wood, nail-polish-painted, tiny 'gutter boats'. They're incredibly easy to make (just need some thinnish balsa and an x-acto), and any age can really be involved in some way in making it. There are blocks placed every 6 inches ish to create 'rapids'.

Note: This doesn't really need a very smooth street, just a gutter. Other ideas may be more relevant to you, but thought I'd throw this in since it's a beloved tradition for me.
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How about a quick game of pickup rollerskate or rollerblade hockey?
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Make an outdoor bowling alley. Use empty cans or 2-liter bottles for pins. Use a basketball or soccer ball for a bowling ball.
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Seems like a perfect spot for keg racing. Two teams of two try to roll a keg (full of water) down the street, around a turnaround point, and back up again. With two people it can be difficult to roll a keg straight, since it's narrower at the top and bottom.
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Sounds like Street Hockey to me. Or maybe some fun with road bowling?

(Also, anyone advocating slip & slides for Chicago in late November - you might want to consider the possible weather conditions...)
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Could you race eggs?
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Best answer: Make an outdoor bowling alley.

Make a giant bowling alley. Use an exercise ball. Or if you want to go bigger, you can rent a 6' diameter canvas ball here. (Not recommended if the tar is still fresh on the street). Sonotubes (concrete pillar forms) could work as pins, or bundle up cardboard mailing tubes.
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Better prices on gigantic balls here.
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