Give me your old coins!
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Looking for junk silver coins in or near Richmond Va or Front Royal Va. Willing to travel 35-45 miles from either location. Website recommendations welcome as well. Thanks!
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Back when I was interested in coins pretty much any coin shop had junk silver available for a slight premium over bullion value. Unfortunately the price of silver is very high right now (artificially so, I would say, but I'm sure no expert). Are you looking for some other type of source than the sorts of shops you would get out of conventional listings?
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I know some antique shops used to have buckets of old coins that you could get a handful for just $20. Looking for some place like that.
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Sorry I can't help with the regional thing - one general thought though is that silver bottomed out for a while down around $4-6 an ounce; now that it is up over $18 this sort of deal may be a thing of the past. The bullion value has gotten to be more significant than the collectible value except on the really fairly rare coins. There is just a lot less silver left to be trolled out of circulation as well: back in the early-mid '80s a friend and I used to buy rolls of quarters and half dollars, ten to thirty bucks at a time, and could routinely count on finding one or two pre-'65 coins among a batch. My dad had a bunch of silver he pulled out of pocket change in the 70s. I even found a mercury dime or two in pocket change when I was a kid.

I can remember very clearly the last time I found a silver coin in regular circulation - it came out of a vending machine at a job I had about 6-7 years ago, I actually heard the difference in the ring when it hit the coin return tray. It was a total rarity with no repetition for many years before or since (I'm not a collector any more but carry the habit of checking pocket change from my childhood days - heck, I've started pulling out the pre-'82 pennies, they're worth over 2 cents copper weight these days! The only American currency I've got that isn't deflating in value! Copper pennies appear to me to be getting rarer in circulation and I almost never come across a "wheat" penny anymore).

With the price of silver shooting up the last several years the coin people as well as the gold and silver people have sought old coinage pretty hard. Probably the era of the grab-a-handful era is over (unless maybe the prices crash again, I suppose).

Here is a website which looks to give up-to-date metal values of U.S. coinage.
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