Vintage sunglasses filter. Help me find the brand of this pair...
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Please help me find the brand of these glasses.

I found this picture online some time ago and I haven't found a description, a label or a model for them. I browsed through lots of vintage shops that sell sunglasses, but I still haven't come across these. The actual pair I'm looking for isn't gold, but silvery or chromish. So I thought maybe the dear Askmefites could help me out on this one. I'm looking for the brand, bonus points for online shops that sell them.
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You could always try asking at an optometrist's office. You'll probably have better luck at a small, independent office than with a big chain place. When I worked as an optometrist's assistant, we'd regularly have people come in with pictures of glasses they liked, and we'd do our best to try to track them down in our spare time by going through our massive archive of frame catalogs. We weren't always successful, but when we were it was a lot of fun.
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Ray Ban has a similar style in its current collection.
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I'm bestanswering mullacc. As far as I can see they are the same model. I also know it's not the pair I'm after. I found a picture of the ones I want last year, and they were made by a French firm, I believe. But I really don't know where I hid that info on my computer. They had a very detailed pattern in the metal above the lenses. The glass itself was tinted in a very faint purple. They were made in the sixties. I'm almost certain that there are some John Lennon pictures where he wears them. In case this question is still alive: what forum should I visit to get in touch with hardcore collectors?

I also bestanswer amyms as I realize we have an excellent vintage glasses shop in town. I will take my quest there even when this means I have to sell of a kidney to be able to afford them. Thanks everybody!
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