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Children's SF-Fantasy: For years, I have been trying to remember the name of a book I read as a child, in the mid-1980s. It is a novel, appropriate for 8-12 year olds, in a vaguely medieval/fantasy setting. The main character (I think) is a boy who goes into a forest (on a journey? a quest?) - he meets a girl there who is a firewitch, with really bright orange hair. Sorry for the vagueness, but I was about eight at the time, and haven't been able to find it since.

One more (possibly unhelpful) clue - it might have something about dragons in the title. At one time, I thought it might be "Dealing with Dragoins" - but that turns out to be the first in the Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C. Wrede, which I have just bought - it's a great series, but not what I'm looking for. This book is a similar length/reading level, but more serious, and definitely has a young orange-haired fire-witch as one of the characters.
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Best answer: If you've just bought the series, you may be in luck; I believe you're thinking of the fourth book, "Talking to Dragons."
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(And just in case I misread your post and you only bought the first one, making it hard to go and quickly check the other books, here's the Amazon link.)
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Response by poster: Oh dear, I think I might have just answered my own question. In looking ahead through the Wrede series, I have realised that the last book (but first published) may be the one I was looking for. It's just that at age eight I didn't understand that it was suposed to be so silly.
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Jack and the Fire Dragon? Can't find a mention of orange-haired maidens though...
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Response by poster: Thanks shirobara - I do have the series. One of the reviews on Amazon says it is different from the first three (I'm just re-reading the first now). I look forward to getting to it now - I imagine it will be very different from what I remember (or at least that I am very different), but still enjoyable.
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Hey, I was just trying to remember what this series was called the other day, too. Couldn't recall for the life of me. I really enjoyed those books as a kid as well. Thanks for answering your own question for me!
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Response by poster: Some advice for anyone reading this series for the first time (or rereading after such a long time it may as well be): read the "fourth" book first. The others are prequels that give away much of the plot of the fourth, and I think the series would be more fun read in the order it was published, rather than chronologically (which is how the box set implies it should be read).
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