Where can I buy a low gpm metric aerator for a Grohe faucet?
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A public restroom at work has a Grohe Eurosmart Faucet (part #32709) with a 2.2 gpm aerator. According to the plumbing supply place where we bought it, the aerator is metric & therefore difficult to find a lower gpm version. Grohe customer service has not responded to my question, and my googling hasn't yielded many useful leads... So where can I get a .5 or 1 gpm metric aerator or aerator insert to fit that faucet?

The faucet was bought to replace an old one, and the new gpm overwhelms the little sink. Also, it is a public sink, so no one will just learn to turn the faucet on at a lower rate.

Thanks for your help!
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You're not getting much love here so I'm going to drop a plug.

My stepdad owns Fixtures and Faucets in San Mateo (looks like you're in the east bay). They do both home and commercial fixtures and supply Grohe. They're super friendly and if it exists they might have it. 1-888-343-7260
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Thank you! Any new direction to investigate is much appreciated -- I'll give them a call tomorrow.
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