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Help me brainstorm ideas for presenting an unusual necklace.

I bought a necklace for my awesome niece, and I would describe it as goth or steampunk. These are not descriptions I would apply to my niece herself, as she is 13 and just transitioned from Harry Potter to Twilight. But I think she'll really love it, especially if I wrap the necklace in a fitting, unique way. She is at the age where she wants to separate herself (figuratively) from her younger siblings who like ponies and flowers.

Presenting it in a white paper jewelry box won't do it justice. I was thinking black satin, but the necklace is on a dark coppery chain, so but that might not provide enough color contrast. Or should I go the opposite direction, toward what Sarah Vowell termed "the pink of goth"? Thanks!
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Try a nice scarlet or crimson paper inside a black box, if you're looking for a gothy sort of presentation. Or even just a box in one of those shades of red. That should contrast enough. Alternatively, a nice satin or nylon drawstring bag big enough to fit the necklace might work. You could tuck that inside a box or a small paper gift bag.
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I like the idea of the red paper cmgonzalez suggested, but since she likes Twilight, perhaps use red spraypaint to create a splattered look on black/deep red tissue paper?
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Etsy! Or do a search on "steampunk jewelery boxes" for ideas.

Get a clamshell eyeglasses case, dark, and decorate it, line it with a pretty fabric. Or wooden box and do the same ...
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Wrap it in another present! How about a small black/red or skull clutch purse, or a zipper pouch. A store like Claire's or The Icing will have just the thing, around $5. Wrap the chain around a stiff piece of paper or wrap in tissue as you see necessary to protect it.
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Will it fit in one of these?
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Would you be opposed to buying some Twilight wrapping paper (I just saw some at Target) and making an origami box out of it? Creative and it might even get her interested in origami.
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If it were Twilight, you'd take her somewhere and just present it to her during the course of your conversation (and she'd then be all full of mixed emotions). Why not take her out somewhere, and hand it to her (after having hidden it somewhere on your person beforehand) and tell her about it and why you chose it for her? Make the experience part of receiving the gift.

Or, perhaps go to an antique or flea market, and find a nice old wooden box, or an old glove or handkerchief box?

Art supply stores often have oval wooden Shaker-style boxes, or Kraft paper boxes for painting - they could be nice either plain or decorated.

Velvet or satin drawstring pouches (or any fabric) are easily and inexpensively made, if you're crafty. Once a year I go to our local bag supply store and stock up on all sorts of giftwrap items, and they have these: http://www.creativebag.com/bags/fabric-bags/satin-drawstring-bags.html (which I often grab, as they're great for little girl gifts or for stocking stuffers for my mom) and are really affordable) or these: http://www.creativebag.com/bags/fabric-bags/velveteen-pouches/velveteen-pouches.html

Or, if you have a jewellery supply store nearby (or can find one online), you can look for boxes and bags there. There are lovely wood or velvet boxes in all colours available usually, and if you look for a "pearl" box, it has a more significant shape for presentation

(here, from my local source: http://www.lacytools.ca/ProductList.aspx?p=15726 or http://www.lacytools.ca/ProductList.aspx?p=15690)
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I have a friend who collects artificial (foam, glass, etc) heads, which are a really striking decor choice and sometimes useful for displaying items! You could place the necklace on a mannequin head or similar - bonus if it's black velvet.
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Maybe a specimen jar? Stuff in some velvet in a complementary color, drape the necklace on top, cork, and label with your best Victorian copperplate.
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Wow! A dozen things I never would have thought of. Thanks!
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