I choo-choo-choose you.
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Looking for cutesy little puns of the kids' valentine variety.

I would like to make a series of love notes for my guy in the style of those lame valentine's cards we all got as kids. I plan to draw a little picture to go with each note, so short and simple is best.

Obvious ones:
"I choo-choo-choose you" (thanks, Ralph Wiggum!) with a picture of a train.
"Bee mine" with, you know, a bee.
"You're my sweetie" with a candy or something.

I would love to hear some suggestions that are more creative, clever, and have better puns. Any ideas?

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Best answer: Found this list
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Best answer: Yoda one for me!
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I made a series of these once, but all of my puns tend to be rather forced. The only one I can remember right now: "I think you're egg-salad!" (instead of excellent). I drew some egg-salad on the card.
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i love ewe.
eye love you.

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try these vintage valentines.
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Best answer: I love the delicious nerdiness of the "Great Minds of Science" Valentines Day cards given out by one of the characters from the Cartoon Network show, Ed Edd n Eddy, during its V-Day special: One had a picture of Nicola Tesla and was captioned, "You electrify me!," another featured Charles Darwin and said something like, "Naturally, I choose you!"

Hmm, I'm not sure they actually showed any others, but I've always thought it would be fun to come up with more along that vein ...
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(D'oh, I meant to write that that second one said "Naturally, I select you" ... getting my Darwins and my Wiggums all mixed up there ...)
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Response by poster: Great ideas here, thanks!
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These are cute, especially when your boy's a video game dork.
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I've always chuckled at the near-miss cliche's from an AskMe of mine a couple years ago from rob511:

"If ever I would leaf you, it wouldn't be in autumn."
"Maybe, you're the greatest."
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Best answer: A few ideas:

"You turn me on" with a light switch or "U turn me on" with a U-turn sign
"You light up my life" with a lightbulb
"You light my fire" with flames/fire
"Bee my honey" with bee and honeypot
"I dig you" with a dog digging up flowers
"You float my boat" with happy little boat
"You rock my world" with a globe on rockers
"You're outta this world" with an astronaut
"Bone me" with doggie bone
"You're the apple of my eye" with an apple
"I've got my eye on you" with an eyeball (or eyeball gummy or jawbreaker, etc.)
"I a-door you" with a door
"I pine for you" with pic of pine tree, real pine cone, etc.
"You're my sweetie" with sweet tea (may only work in U.S. South)
"You're a hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love" with flaming heart
"I <3 you bear-y much" with a teddy bear or "I <3 you berry mush" with raspberry jam, pics of blueberries, etc.
"I've been chicken you out" with a hen
"Cock-a-doodle-do-me" with a rooster
"I knead your lovin'" with a loaf of bread
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