Does anyone know of software I can use to map my weekly schedule?
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Does anyone know of a program that will work on a Mac that will help me easily produce an unschedule as described by Neil Fiore in The Now Habit?

I am looking for a software program that I can use to create a template of my various daily schedules. I am not looking to do this for each day and I am not looking for something like iCal or Outlook where you plan appointments and the like. I want to create a template of my week that I can apply to each individual week. (I am trying to create weekly habits of activity). An added complication is that my weeks are different, so I will actually have a few templates that will fit Week type A, Week type B, etc. Any suggestions? My first preference is something I could download rather than something web based, but I am open to any suggestions. Thanks!
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It looks like this could be done with iCal as this person did. If you don't have lots of different "Week types," you could probably set them up as different calendars and then just select as needed which type(s) you needed to display in any given week.
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