Shrinking a Baseball Cap
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My head is an in-between size. I want to shrink a fitted New Era baseball cap very slightly, by maybe a sixteenth of an inch. Google only seems to tell me how to avoid doing so, and putting it in the dryer strikes me as overkill. Any tips from the local chapeau connoisseurs? Or should I just put off my next trip to the barber's?
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Is it wool or cotton?

I have no idea whether this would work, but you could try soaking the hat, putting it on and drying it on your head with a blowdryer. That would limit the shrinkage to the amount you need... in theory.
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We bought a fitted Cubs cap for my father-in-law during a visit to Wrigley that turned out to be too large - my mother-in-law took some cotton batting and basically thickened the headband - in retrospect, that's probably even more overkill than the dryer.
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Wear it in the shower next saturday morning. Wear it the rest of the day. It will fit very nicely.

The solution for the opposite problem-- cut the stiff plastic netting out of the front and you'll get some room.
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Soak it in hot water for a few seconds, shake off the excess and wear it on your head as it dries. I suppose a hair dryer might accelerate the process.

Used to do the same to fit berets on my head when I was in the military.
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Response by poster: I didn't even think to check the material. I did so, and unfortunately it's 100% polyester (it's a meshy batting practice cap), so none of the proposed solutions may work.

I'm planning on using it when running, so I may even prefer the extra sixteenth-inch. If not, I can resort to the cotton stuffing, and I may try the hot water for good measure.

Thanks for the ideas, all!
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Don't shrink the hat, expand your head.

"Dr. John Evans, you certainly are one the wittiest and handsomest men I've met! How do you stay so trim and fit? And that cheesecake, my god, you must have studied at L'Acadamie to achieve such culinary prowess!"
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