Where can I find easy to learn tin whistle music online?
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Does anyone know where I can find short or easy songs for the tin whistle online?

I've spontaneously decided I want to play the tin whistle, however, I have an infamously short attention span and I'd ideally like to be able to play something just about bearable sounding within about two weeks.

I know that this isn't how learning to play musical instruments works, and I have got a couple of songs that I'm practicing in the hopes that I won't lose interest really quickly, but just in case, are there any spectacularly easy songs that might encourage me into sticking with it? And if so, where can I find them?
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Here's a simple course in penny whistle online.

I also highly recomment this book and CD. It what I used, and starts with extremely simple songs before getting more complicated. After my first wee with it, I think I was able to play about 14 songs.
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Yes, my first wee.
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When I learned the tin whistle that was my first introduction to the music of Turlough O'Carolan - a blind harpist from the 17th century who wrote people great tunes as a way of earning his living. Here is somebody making a pretty good job of Carolan on the tin whistle. Whilst getting all the nuances right will take longer than a couple of weeks the tunes are quite easy from a note perspective. Here are some - you can (and probably should) learn to sight read but each tune comes with a midi file if you'd prefer to learn by ear.
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Drop by Chiff and Fipple. Lot's of helpful folks in the whistle forum.

And be careful, it's addicting.
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Ceolas is an old-shool, great, and wide-ranging site on things Celtical, including this batch of tunes in a variety of formats.

Ye olde Mudcat Cafe is another good resource for tunes, as it is the home of the Digitrad archive.
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"shool." It seems the Irish, the Jewish, and the sacred get mixed up in my fingertips. I shoould play more often.
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Thanks very much for all the great answers! I'm looking over all the resources as we speak, and there's some really great stuff here! Thank you all!
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And upon review, that course in penny whistle is absolutely excellent! Thank you especially astrozombie!
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thesession.org has about a zillion tunes, so there's a lot of wheat-and-chaffing to be done, but there's just so much there.
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