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NYC Food Filter: I am leaving New York City and want to get some great Italian food in the Bronx's version of Little Italy on Arthur Avenue before I go. What are your favorites?

I'm willing to spend some money, but not a crazy amount. I'm thinking $15-20 per entree, tops, though I could be convinced to go higher if the food was really that good. I want a sit down place with the works, not just a pizzeria.
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If you're willing to consider somewhere other than Arthur Avenue, may I suggest the Pine Tavern . I'm from the Bronx originally, and my family has eaten there for 30 years - and we keep coming back for a reason. Go hungry, though - the portions are enormous, even by NYC standards.
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Sorry - I meant to include this link.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm not focusing on Arthur Avenue specifically. I'm really just looking for good not-to-miss Italian food in the Bronx and Arthur Avenue seems like a good place to start the search. I am more than happy to get other recommendations!
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Roberto's is my favorite restaurant in the Bronx by far. Patricia's on Morris Park is the best pizza. Louie and Ernie's pizza is also pretty good.
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Other than Roberto's and a few of the Italian food shops, there isn't a lot of good Italian food around Arthur Ave or in the Bronx in general. Louie & Ernie's is my favorite NYC pizza, but obv. doesn't meet your specs. There are a million other "must eats" in New York before "Italian food in the Bronx" IMO.

If you're looking for an iconic "Bronx" experience, what about something like Sabrosura, Dominican Chinese food?
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I used to live right near Arthur Ave, and my favorite was Giovanni's.
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Best answer: If you're looking for good, fun place for Italian, try the Arthur Ave Cafe. It's cozy and low-key and has a surprisingly big menu. I was just there last night, and the woman who runs the place with her chef son was really friendly--inviting our group to a local choir concert and reminiscing about growing up in the area. Apparently her son just beat out Bobby Flay in a throw-down with his eggplant parm! I made sure to order it, and I wasn't disappointed.
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Response by poster: I went to Arthur Ave Cafe and it was delicious and low-key as promised. Thanks AskMe!
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