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Is it worth getting copies of my old transcripts now that I'm going back to school, even though I failed the last semester and my transcripts reflect that?

Through a series of life events, some of my own doing, and some not, I've attended college in spurts. Over a span of about 10 years, I got about 1 full year finished. Both times I attended (most recently about 4 years ago), I couldn't handle the pressure of my life, working full time, and attempting to go to school. I've since completely overhauled my life, and after a year of letting my life settle out, I am mentally ready to go back to school. I've reached a point in my career where it's absolutely necessary to have the degree to move up it's been a long time personal goal to finally see this all the way through.

I enrolled in the local community college, and am getting everything together to register for spring. It would be great if I could use the 8 or so classes that I did finish and get good grades in, but will fact that I failed my last semester in both places do more harm than the good of feeling like I'm not starting over all over again?
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Did you fail all of your classes the last semester? I think if you get your transcripts in then you will be able to count whatever classes you passed as credit towards earning your degree. I think that's worth it. I don't think it will matter for a local community college if you failed some classes, and if you do well at the community college and decide to pursue further education, the admissions board will be impressed that you turned your life around.
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Be careful, some schools will only take credits earned in the past X amount of years. Other than that, once you're admitted into school, I doubt they would revoke it because of bad grades on your transcripts.

Congrats on taking the big step towards your degree. I'm currently helping my Mr. (in a similar situation) finish school it's had it's challenges.
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It probably doesn't matter for the community college, but go talk to an advisor there. They can tell you.

I did the same thing you did, only I dragged it out forever. At one point I partied hard in one college, left early, and really failed disastrously. I should have not used that transcript to apply to other schools, and the other schools told me that. It dragged down my GPA and I had to fix it by going to a community college and taking a couple classses to boost it. Which I did.

But in your case, it is all a part of your record and you can use some of those classes for credit.
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Yes, it's worth it. I was in a similar situation, though I had 4 years of college under my belt (yes, I know) and it was fine. Obviously those classes you failed won't carry over, but if you can get at least some credits to count you're saving yourself sone money.

Good luck! I am really happy to be back in school. It's a much better experience now.
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I evaluate transcripts.

Yes, definitely get your transcripts from your old schools. You don't know the new school's policy on what they'll accept and you might as well get them all evaluated. I see a LOT of students who have attended a variety of schools and who have failed whole semesters.

Be careful, some schools will only take credits earned in the past X amount of years.

There's nothing to "be careful" about. If they can't use them, they can't use them, but you won't be penalized because the classes are too old.
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