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What Are Some Creative Ways To Get People Interested In A Giving Campaign?

I'd like to hear from the Metaverse from any marketers, non-profit superstars, or performers about how you have created interest in a campaign, performance or idea you want to get out to the public.

I'd like to hear responses that go beyond the flyers and flashmobs level, and hopefully get inspired by your answers as well.

I'm coordinating a campaign this year and am having difficulty rousing folks to the cause.
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Disclaimer: I work a company that provides nonprofit fundraising software.

There are several modules out there that will allow users to create personal fundraising campaigns and solicit their friends and neighbors. Allow your constituents to show their personal story and how they relate to your cause and they're more likely to fundraise for you!
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[Link to campaign removed. Feel free to put it in your profile if you like.]
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