Oral surgeon in NYC area
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Can you recommend a good Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon/specialist in the greater NYC area? This is for jaw discomfort and a really screwed up bite.

I am looking for someone great and I don't care where they are located, Thanks
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Todd Berman on E 49th St did an amazing job with a very difficult extraction/post/implant. Literally no postoperative pain for any of the required procedures. Plus he's a really nice guy and his staff are sympathetic.
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You can't go wrong with the New York Center for Specialized Dentistry.
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Wanted to add: I know you weren't asking about implants specifically, but the guy I mentioned is an oral & maxillofacial specialist.
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My wife used these guys and they were great.
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I don't have a NYC doc recommendation, but I used to have an open bite that was corrected by braces and surgery. So if you ever want to talk about what that was all like, feel free to mefi-mail me.
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